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Welcome to My Spring Break

April 15th, 2011 by admin in Spring Break Girls

Well it happened again…Spring Effn’ Break! Holy shit dudes you will not believe the pics and videos I have from this year’s parties. When I say these girls were wild, I don’t mean “show me your tits” wild, I mean sucking my dick in the van on the way to the beach WILD!

I met so many hot chicks on spring break this year I had to update this blog just so you would believe it with your own eyes! It was a wild scene alright, and some of these babes got so wasted and crazy they were willing to do just about anything as you will see:)

Hope you like the pics and vids, make sure to come back for new ones later!

My Spring Break 2011

April 16th, 2011 by admin in My Spring Break 2011

Alright let me set the scene. A few buddies of mine and I hooked up with these girls we met last year at Spring Break when COLLEGE RULES was shooting some of their trademark insane coed porn videos. They seemed pretty cool and definitely very hot (for the most part) so we were up for hanging with these college coeds for a while, and the COLLEGE RULES guys said they would pick up the entire tab if we let them shoot all the action.
my spring break 2011 at the store
So the first day we load up and head out to the beach, and the girls are already drinking hard in the van so it’s not surprising when they start doing all kinds of crazy shit in the store…
my spring break sucking my dick in the van
And here’s Tina slobbing on my knob in the van after she’s pounded a few drinks and she’s in the mood to suck some college boy dick! And yes, this coed can really suck a mean cock!
my spring break 2011 naked on the beach
So we get to the beach and these drunk party girls are ripping off their clothes so fast me and the guys just laughed. So here are the naked spring break beach babes having some fun.
my spring break 2011 bar hopping
That night we hit the streets for some serious bar hopping and by this time the girls are revved up and wild as shit! They start taking off their clothes and getting nasty on the bar and of course the bartender didn’t mind;)
my spring break hotel room orgy
At the bars me and the guys were thinking the only way this could end is an all out orgy back at the hotel, and sure enough we took our turns fucking the hell out of these will coed nymphos!
And this is just the beginning, wait until you see the video of these crazy college sluts in action! Believe me this was the craziest fucking spring break I could imagine and you can download all the pics and full length videos exclusively from COLLEGE RULES!

Mardi Gras Meets Spring Break!

March 21st, 2011 by admin in mardi gras girls 2011

mardi gras meets spring break
We have a ton of 2011 mardi gras pics and videos up along with new party girl video feeds and some tasty adult sites…not to mention our entire Spring Break Party Girls site all included in
Mardi Gras Girls 2011!

My Wild Mardi Gras 2011

March 6th, 2011 by admin in my mardi gras 2011

my mardi gras 2011
That’s right folks, Mike’s back with brand new pics from Mardi Gras 2011! It’s been a crazy time so far and I am going to have a buttload of new videos and photos by the end of the week you can download here at the Mardi Gras Girls website!

Sandra Loves Nude Pics And Sex On The Beach

November 29th, 2010 by admin in Spring Break Girls

spring break sandra
Man this chick Sandra was not only cool about taking nude pics and videos during spring break, but I found out she loved to suck cock on the beach! I’ve got a ton of pics of this wild college chick on the Spring Break Girls 2010 site along with a ton of other crazy girls who went wild. Can’t wait for next year!

Your Free Ticket To The Hottest Parties On Earth

November 15th, 2010 by admin in Free Party Girl Videos

The most amazing collection of party girl videos on the planet!
free party girls
More than 80 parties and 50 HOURS of girls going wild and getting naked in Ibiza, Hustler’s Barely Legal and Ludacris Party Event! This is the most amazing compilation of wild parties we have ever seen, and its FREE!
Click here to see a list and more pics from all of the Party Girl Videos available.

Crazy Naked College Dorm Party

October 23rd, 2010 by admin in Coed Dorm Parties, Naked College Girls

naked college dorm partySure my springbreak was pretty hot, but now that college is back in session and I’m in my junior year I’ve been able to get in on some really crazy parties courtesy of the College Rules gang.
Check out one of the latest naked dorm parties when several chicks came over to show us guys a very good time…wow I love being back in school!

Click here to watch these coed sex videos straight from College Rules!

My 3 Favorite Spring Break Boat Girls

September 22nd, 2010 by admin in Spring Break Girls, spring break party boat

favorite naked spring break boat girls
Shit yes is right! These three chicks were the obvious hit on the boat I took out on a lake during spring break. It didn’t take long before these girls were mostly naked, the hottie on the right exposing her shaved pussy with that cute little landing strip…damn I wanted to hit that! As it turns out these chicks started hitting on each other and before long they were doing some pretty crazy things with dildos and sex toys right on deck in front of everyone.
Click here to watch the wild videos of these drunk spring break babes.

Hot Girl With Nice Tits Poses For My Camera

September 1st, 2010 by admin in Spring Break Girls, spring break tits

springbreak tits
Sometimes I just go plain lucky during my spring break adventure. Case in point this hot college girl from Key West, who had just drank enough beer and shots to get her loose enough to show her nice tits and let me get a few good photos. Then she got really adventurous and got butt ass naked showing her fine shaved pussy!
See all the pics and videos here only from Spring Break Party Girls.

Crazy AZ State College Girls!

August 11th, 2010 by admin in Naked College Girls, Spring Break Girls

naked college girlsWhile visiting some friends in Arizona after Spring Break, they invited me to one of their frat parties so naturally I thought “what the hell” and checked it out.
Holy shit!
These chicks went directly from a naked springbreak to a nastier dorm sex party a few days later! It all started normally enough, just partying and playing some games. Then one of the chicks (the one in the middle of this pic) decides to take her top off and the rest is history!

Click here to watch these crazy college sex videos.

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